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Week Ending Feburary 25, 2018

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Community Meeting Summary

Low attendance due to overlap with the Helm Summit and the Index Conf made for a very short Community Meeting. Aside from updates on the 1.10 release and the graph, it was entirely announcements:

Release Schedule

Last week was week 8 of 12 for 1.10. This week was “Code Slush”, where SIGs are supposed to revise and filter PRs and Issues to make a final determination on which will be in 1.10. Code Freeze was scheduled for 6pm Monday, Feb. 26th, but got postponed to 6pm Tuesday (today) because of infrastructure issues with the merge pipeline. If you need an Exception to Code Freeze, contact Jaice DuMars or SIG-Release.

Feature Work

Promoted to Beta:


Version Updates

Other Merges

Graph of the Week

new contributors graph

This week’s graph is a new addition to DevStats, explained by Josh Berkus. The ability to attract new and part-time contributors is often cited as a measure of the health and continued growth of an OSS project, so Josh worked with Lukasz to add this graph to track those contributors. In this graph, New Contributors have never done a PR before, and Episodic contributors are ones who make between 1 and 6 PRs per year. Kubernetes is seeing healthy growth for both stats, reassuring us that the additional process we’ve added for review and merge isn’t hurting contributor growth (the spike on 2017-07-31 is a data artifact, and will be soon fixed).

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