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Week Ending March 25, 2018

In case you somehow missed it, Kubernetes 1.10 has been released. Go grab it, you can read LWKD while it deploys.

Community Meeting Summary

Andy Goldstein kicked off the Community Meeting with a demo of Heptio’s Ark, a tool that lets you back up your Kubernetes cluster, including configurations and PVs. Or, at least it will once it’s done; they’re looking for contributors.

Cole Mickens gave SIG-Azure’s update. They are moving the Azure CloudProvider to its own repo. There are a lot of Azure compatibilty features in 1.10, and more planned for later relases. SIG-Node’s update from Derek Carr included the new CRI Testing Policy, local storage isolation, debug containers, and container log rotation. He applauded the Resource Mangement Workgroup for getting CPU pinning, hugepages, and device plugins into beta for 1.10. SIG-Node is working on their SIG charter, as well as a secure container spec. Finally, Casey Davenport of SIG-Network explained their current efforts to convert internal Kubernetes communications to IPv6, the upcoming switch from kube-dns to CoreDNS, and their work on implementing IPVS support for kube-proxy, which has run into some snags and is currently stalled. They did a survey in February on how people use Ingress and shared the results.

Release Schedule

1.10 has been released. Release 1.11, “Everything Croissant” is scheduled for June 2018, with Josh Berkus as the release lead.

The following patch releases are available: 1.9.6, 1.8.10, and 1.7.15. Version 1.9.6 contains a number of fixes to make it possible to downgrade from 1.10 to 1.9 if necessary. As such, users should make sure to target 1.9.6 if they have to roll back a 1.10 deployment.

Final 1.10 Items

The release of 1.10 involved some last-minute fixes, including:

There were also a bunch of major performance regressions which held up 1.10 release. Thanks to the heroic folks at SIG-scalability for fixing these and if you’re a performance geek they could use you. Among them:

… but 1.10 still increases resource usage, so that’s something which needs future work.

1.11 Feature Work

And 1.11 is off!


Version Updates.

Other Merges

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