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Week Ending April 8, 2018

Community Meeting Summary

In last week’s Community Meeting, Solly Ross of JFrog showed off their full Artifactory toolchain for building a CI/CD pipeline in Kubernetes, which can be deployed via Helm.

Rob of SIG-Cluster-Ops explained that the SIG is moving towards being more of an operator community, focused on building up userbase and best practices. They need speakers for meetings. Zach of SIG-Docs shared status of the kubernetes.io migration project. A contractor will be migrating the site from Jeckyll to Hugo, completion April 30th. The blog is being migrated from blog.kubernetes.io on Blogger to kubernetes.io/blog on Github, making it easier for the blog team to maintain it.

Reminders: Kubernetes Contributor Summit, the Reddit AMA, and the Kubernetes Application Survey. Aaron Crickenberger shared the list of all projectwide Github labels and their meanings, SIG-PM asked for roadmap input, and Dims shared a search engine for all Kubernetes repositories.

Release Schedule

This is Week 1 of 12 for Kubernetes 1.11 development. The Release Team is mostly staffed, and the draft Release Schedule has been posted. Important dates are: Feature Freeze April 24, Code Slush May 22, Code Freeze May 28, Docs June 11 and Release June 26. All SIGs should list their planned features for 1.11 buy filing issues against the features repo.

Maciek Pytel announced that 1.10.1 will be released April 12th. Contact him if you need something cherry-picked; this release will contain major fixes for kubectl.

Feature Work


Version Updates

Other Merges

Graph of the Week

PR workload by SIG

This week’s graph was spec’d by Josh Berkus for the release team. It estimates the amount of pull request “work” pending for each SIG in the kubernetes/kubernetes repo, and is available both in graph and table formats. The idea of it is to see which SIGs might be currently overloaded and need assistance in review and approvals.

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