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Week Ending April 22, 2018

Note: there will be no LWKD update next week due to KubeCon Europe.

Community Meeting Summary

Matt Rikard kicked off last week’s Community Meeting with a demo of Skaffold, Google’s OSS tool for CI/CD development targeting Kubernetes clusters.

SIG updates: Maciej Szulik explained the work that SIG-CLI has been doing on “printing” object information (meaning formatting it for display through kubectl or the API). In 1.11, this is moving to server-side formatting which supports pretty-printing of custom Kubernetes objects like CRDs. SIG-AWS’s Justin Santa Barbara mentioned their first SIG repository: aws-encryption-provider. However, moving AWS out to Cloud Provider API is apparently stalled, and SIG-AWS could use help. Adam Worrell gave the SIG-GCP update because he is the sole Lead for the SIG, something they’re working on fixing. They’ve been having diffculty getting a lot of community interest in the SIG.

Announcements: SIG-UI needs help revitalizing the Dashboard. CNCF needs contributors for “Meet the Maintainers” in their KubeCon booth.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Feature Freeze, May 24th.

That was Week 3 of 12 for 1.11. Feature freeze is tommorrow, so file your features in the Features repo. Currently there are 41 features registered. CI Signal Report shows a lot of failing tests; SIGs need to work on debugging failures in order to shorten Code Freeze.

Feature Work


Version Updates

Other Merges

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