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Week Ending July 8th, 2018

Community Meeting Summary

The community meeting was canceled last week due to the American holiday.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Begin collecting feature information from SIGs, this week

The 1.12 release now has a draft schedule. The release team will begin having meetings starting July 9th. If you are a SIG Lead, or the author of one of the features punted from 1.11, please contact the Release Team about the status of your feature(s) for 1.12.

1.11.1 is likely to be released later this week. It contains some important fixes to 1.11.0 for issues discovered after release, such as restricting priority abuse.

Feature Work

The first ServerSide Apply PR has merged. This is the first merge from Kubernetes’ experiment in moving to feature branches for development. Other feature work includes:

Version Updates

Other Merges

This seems to have been a week for miscellaneous bugfixes, partly thanks to the tireless Lantao Liu and Andy Zhang:

Other Changes:

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