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Week Ending February 24, 2019

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Contributor News

Gubernator, the UI that allows you to dig into your test failures on the test framework, is being replaced by a new UI. The new project, called Spyglass is a Prow-native UI developed by the Test-Infra team with more test information and a vastly better looking interface. The switchover should happen in the next few days.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Doc placeholders for all Enhancements, March 1

Last week was Week 7 of 1.14. This included the release of Beta 0, creating a 1.14 branch, and 1.14 TestGrids. Beta 1 was released today.

Code Freeze is March 7th.

#72827: Refactor most of kubectl drain as a library

The logic that powers kubectl drain has been broken out into a pkg/kubectl/drain library so that it can be used in other tools. This process was needed for just about every Kubernetes deployment system, so many had to either re-implement things themselves or shell out to kubectl. Moving forward, we can standardize on this library to provide a unified experience and fewer bugs!

#73700: Don’t update the Pod object after each scheduling attempt

A revision to #72619, the timestamp on the Pod object will no longer be updated every time the scheduler fails to place the pod. While the feature was solid, the write load for clusters with many unschedulable pods was getting to be a problem. So now the same timestamps will be tracked within the scheduler. All the same resource allocation-y goodness, now with much less Etcd writing.

If you had written code in the past few weeks which depends on that Pod timestamp, you will need to rework it.

#70896: Adding Windows Overlay support to Kube Proxy

A great feature from the Windows team, kube-proxy will now support Overlay mode networks in addition to the existing L2Bridge support. Overlay-mode networks use VxLAN encapsulation to provide a multi-node network fabric. This also allows interoperation with existing VxLAN users such as Flannel and Canal-based Linux clusters.

Check out the MSDN docs on container networking for more info about Windows networking modes.

#74057: Ingress extensions/v1beta1 -> networking.k8s.io/v1beta1

A simple move but important for anything integrating with Ingresses. Anything importing the types will need to update from pkg/extensions to pkg/networking, and manifests will need to be upgraded in the coming months. This is a nice step forward for the Ingress feature though, as it moves closer to GA.

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