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Week Ending March 10, 2019

Community Meeting Summary

The community meeting kicked off with a demo of Argo CD by Jesse Suen from Intuit. Argo CD is another tool from the Argo project, providing declarative GitOps for Kubernetes applications, along with some great visualization support for deployment debugging.

Then we had an update from Aaron Crickenberger on the behalf of the 1.14 release team. We are now in Code Freeze for 1.14. Daily burndown meetings have begun. SIG-Release will start asking members of specific SIGs to attend when needed. The team is going to get more aggressive with pruning issues for the release. CI signal is not lovely, flakes and test fails are high. If you get pinged on a priority/critical-urgent issue, please give it as much attention as possible.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Docs Complete, March 18th

We’re currently in code freeze for 1.14. Daily burndown meetings are happening, please join the SIG-Release calendar if you would like an invite to those, and please attend if requested by SIG-Release.

#74433: Migrate RuntimeClass from a CRD to an internal API

Due to concerns about packaging and managing CRDs for in-tree types, RuntimeClass has been moved to a more traditional internal type. This is a slightly breaking change, all RuntimeClass objects have to be re-uploaded to the API and the old CRD object should be manually cleaned up. As this was an alpha feature, most users shouldn’t have to do anything, but check your development setups. This hopefully unblocks the RuntimeClass system for beta in 1.14.

#74998: Webhook configurations can choose which version of Review request they accept

This PR adds an AdmissionReviewVersions field on webhook configurations to configure which request versions they can handle. This will improve compatibility moving forward as new webhook types and fields are added. It is recommended you add this metadata to your hooks as your version matrix allows.

#74863: CSI volume expansion

Small in description but a great feature; CSI-based volumes can now be resized like in-tree volumes. This will make it easier to grow over time if using CSI providers.

There were also a number of other CSI-related features merged for 1.14:

Other Merges


Version Updates

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