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Week Ending March 31, 2019

Developer News

The Sonobuoy project automates end-to-end conformance testing for your Kubernetes stack. It also extracts detailed information about your current cluster you can use to monitor cluster changes or catch up with in-house development.

If you need help from the CNCF, for example for switching emails for your CLA signature, the support page has moved.

Steering Committee Update

The Steering Committee discussed potentially getting a community-owned paid GSuite account in order to give community moderators access to Google support for document and mailing list moderation, as well as assinging kubernetes-based email aliases. Next step is discussing this with the CNCF.

All Cloud Provider SIGs have agreed to merge under a single SIG-Cloud-Provider, ideally before KubeCon Barcelona. Also, the SC discussed the problem that the Kubernetes Blog is currently not owned by any Kubernetes SIG, and suggested that SIG-Docs should own it.

Release Schedule

We have begun the 1.15 release cycle! Thanks to Test-Infra improvements, we chewed through the 1.15 PR backlog in 24 hours after Code Freeze ended.

Currently the 1.15 Release Team is being selected. If you are interested in Shadowing for the 1.15 release team, fill out the application.

#75595: Add preliminary go module instructions to client-go

While dep and Bazel are still deeply entrenched in our ecosystem, Go 1.11 modules are starting to get more traction. This PR adds some basic steps to follow to use client-go as a dependency through the modules system. This is far from final; if you’re going to use this in anything serious, it would be a good idea to throw a watch on #74877 which will follow up with much more goodness. Steps towards a dep-less future!

#72179: Migrate the controller to use TokenRequest and rotate token periodically

The ServiceAccount controller has been switched over to the standard TokenRequest API rather than the old, homegrown system. This should improve standardization for token management. In the long term, the token controller will be dropped.

#75531: New staging repository for cri-api

For anyone working on CRI implementations or related code, there will now be a k8s.io/cri-api library to import from. As with all staging repos, this is replicated automatically from the k/k repo, but you can get faster compile times and smaller binaries by using it.

test-infra#11979: Add support for rebase and merge override labels

More relevant to other projects and teams deploying Prow themselves than for contributors to k/k itself, Tide will now support a per-PR override for the merge type used. You can specify that a given PR should be squashed or merged with individual commits, no matter what the project default is.

community#3370: Updates to SIG Cloud Provider Charter

If you’re involved with any of the cloud SIGs, hopefully you’ve already seen this but for the rest of us: change is in the cloudy air! The various cloud provider SIGs are unifying under a shared SIG Cloud Provider banner to better align their efforts and hopefully improve cooperation between the major vendors.

website#13340: Init German translation

And finally a simple but happy-making PR, our basic documentation is now available in German! Our community gets bigger every day and with that comes more translations. Awesome work by the website team getting this initial batch of translations done.

Other Merges

Because of timing, these include both new 1.15 features and last-minute fixes to 1.14 (or even earlier), and fixes that will get rolled into 1.14.1. We’re omitting the many cherry-picks.

Kubeadm Changes

There were many of these in the last two weeks:


Version Updates

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