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Week Ending June 2, 2019

We’re back! After a hiatus for conference travel, LWKD returns this week with your usual slushball of information about what’s happening in the land of cloud-natively hacking.

Security Alert: kubelet v1.13.6 and v1.14.2 have a security regression. You should downgrade to the prior patch release, set RunAsUser, or upgrade to the patch versions coming out later this week.

Developer News

If you are using TravisCI with your repo, you need to remove it, since Prow and Tide can’t interact with it anymore. This includes a long list of repos that are about to stop merging, so please fix. Further, merge commits will now be blocked from Kubernetes/Kubernetes.

On the nice side, Prow now checks your Github status before assigning reviews to you.

Several SIGs have started doing day-long cleanups where they go through their backlogs of issues and PRs to see what can be closed. See SIG mailing lists to join one.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: All enhancements should have Docs patches ready to review today, June 4th. Beta.2 comes out June 5.

Version 1.15 is currently in Code Freeze. The upcoming release has 27 enhancements, one of which may not make it. CI Signal status is yellow, and 20 PRs are waiting to be merged, so please review and fix those tests!

There is now a separate repo for Release Notes tooling. If you have opinions about the Release Notes Website, please speak up via the survey.

Versions v1.14.3 and v1.13.7 will be released June 6th, and fix the reported security issue. Version 1.12.9 was released May 29th.

#73447: Document how to build and deploy the sample-apiserver

Leading off with a documentation update! sample-apiserver is a small project which shows how to create a standalone API service, usually to use with kube-apiserver’s aggregation proxy mode. While Kubebuilder (and apiserver-builder) have mostly replaced it for practical uses, this project is still a great place to tinker with API concepts and learn the nuts and bolts of how an API server is put together. The new docs show how to compile things and how to deploy out to a cluster. If you’re interested in API internals, check it out.

#78262: Add Service Load Balancer finalizer support

While external load balancers have always been cleaned up eventually, it has previously been an asynchronous process. This PR uses the finalizer system to block the deletion of the Service object itself until the external resources are torn down fully. This both makes testing easier, it helps improve the behavior of any tools built around LoadBalancer services to more accurately report their state.

#77762: Adds staging directory for kubectl code

Long awaited but finally here, kubectl is getting its own staging repo: kubernetes/kubectl aka k8s.io/kubectl. For Kubectl plugins which need to pull in some of its utilities, this should help reduce the final executable size as well as streamline dependency management.

#74614: add non-preempting option to PriorityClasses

And finally a nice, advanced scheduling feature. This adds a preemptionPolicy field to both Pods and PriorityClasses which can be set to Never to ensure that no matter what other priorities are in use, the pod will never get preempted. Use with caution, but for services that really can’t be disrupted no matter what, this is a nice knob to have.

Other Merges

kubeadm changes:

Windows changes:



Version Updates

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