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Week Ending June 23, 2019

Community Meeting Summary

Welcome to 1.15! The community meeting this week as the release retrospective. Overall the feeling was positive, with some frustration around phase deadlines getting crunched around other events, leading to some reviewer overload. There will also be more attempts to limit internally-breaking changes later in the release cycle to have few disruptions to testing.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.16 Start of Release Cycle, July 1

We’re in that always-too-brief respite between release cycles. The release team is currently selecting shadows and setting a release schedule.

And for 1.15, be sure to check out the changelog if you haven’t already.

#78187: Update vendored dependencies to released version

It’s mostly a quiet week between releases but we do have a nice big dependencies upgrade. This includes switching off the unmaintained version of go-bindata, as well as lots of individual library updates to make sure we’re on tagged versions.

#70672: Stop serving deprecated beta workload APIs

Another small but lovely change, the old beta workload types from apps and extensions are finally gone. To quote from the release notes:

The following APIs are no longer served by default:
* All resources under `apps/v1beta1` and `apps/v1beta2` - use `apps/v1` instead
* `daemonsets`, `deployments`, `replicasets` resources under `extensions/v1beta1` - use `apps/v1` instead
* `networkpolicies` resources under `extensions/v1beta1` - use `networking.k8s.io/v1` instead
* `podsecuritypolicies` resources under `extensions/v1beta1` - use `policy/v1beta1` instead

A nice step forward in cleaning up some GVK sprawl.

test-infra#13104: Refactoring of Testgrid Readme Files

And finally a nice documentation refresh from the SIG-Testing crew. If you’ve been meaning to learn more about Testgrid, now is a great time to read up!

Other Merges

Version Updates

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