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Week Ending July 7, 2019

Meeting Summary

Last week’s steering committee meeting started by discussing the API review process, primarily what it should and should not cover. Then discussed the problems with the CIS benchmarks for Kubernetes, which apparently make poor recommendations; SIG-Auth will be contacting them. They also talked about Contributor Summit funding, and their first formal funding request, which is not approved (yet).

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancement tracking starts, July 12th

It’s time to start working on those KEPs for your 1.16 enhancements; look for a revised process to share them starting this Friday.

Patch releases for stable versions were delayed by an issue with staging releases, where improvements to the CI build tools caused blocking tests to fail and block all releases.

Several should be coming out this week as soon as that is resolved:

#77819: Add a metadata client to client-go that can read PartialObjectMetadata

This PR implements the partial object API in client-go. This allows working with only the metadata section of objects. If running a new apiserver which understands the partial object metadata API, it will even send back just the metadata to save on encoding and transfer time. Without that new API, the client-go code will smoothly degrade to parsing the existing response data into the same PartialObjectMetadata struct. This is mostly targeted at custom controllers and scripts which are doing system maintenance and upkeep, working with objects in the abstract rather than the specifics of each type.

#71170: Cleanup math/rand package usage

After an earlier, unsuccessful pull request that made deeper changes to RNG usage, this PR is a more gentle approach. Most areas of the codebase can continue safely use math/rand, with more specific generators reserved for special cases. If you work on anything that uses random numbers, I would recommend reviewing the changes and matching the new style and structure if things have changes.

community#3777: Best practice for mailing list and github notification

And finally a short documentation PR, with helpful tips on setting up filters for Kubernetes mailing lists and Github notifications. Anyone contributing to Kubernetes for a long period of time has probably already had to set up similar filters, but for new contributors we can give them a head start with this guide!

Other Merges


Version Updates

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