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Week Ending August 11, 2019

Developer News

The CNCF published the results of the Kubernetes Security Audit, which already triggered one update release, and will probably trigger more in the future.

Meeting Summary

Last week’s Steering Committee meeting discussed the upcoming SC elections and the prep they still need. CoC committee election/selections are also upcoming, and rules for them are being worked out. They also talked about travel support for Kubernetes contributors, and concluded that it would still be ad-hoc for San Diego but we’d like to have a program in place for 2020.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: August 15th - Cherry-pick deadline for next update release; August 13th - 1.16 beta0

1.16.0-beta.0 and the 1.16 branch are going to be cut on August 13th, provided that certain failing test jobs are resolved.

Update releases 1.15.3, 1.14.6, 1.13.10 are scheduled for Aug. 19th, which means that you need to cherry-pick in any changes by this Friday.

81029: Drop cloud-controller-manager artifacts from k/k release

The project is no longer releasing a default cloud-controller-manager. This default implementation was never used by any actual cloud provider(they bring their own), and so we’re not building the images anymore, or including it in HyperKube.

Other Merges


It seems to be Deprecation Week in Kubernetesland, so read the below for more stuff you’re gonna have to check your code for.

Version Updates

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