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Week Ending August 18, 2019

Developer News

Test-Infra has published new Velodrome charts for Test Job Health, in order for contributors all over the project to get on top of making their blocking jobs stable and reliable. This includes Release Blocking Jobs, Merge Blocking Jobs, and flake rates for the various jobs. Currently the TextPreemptWithPermitPlugin is the flakiest test, so if that’s yours, check into it.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Open placeholder docs by August 23

We have entered the countdown to Code Freeze on August 29th. 1.16.0-beta.1 will be released on the 20th, burndown meetings start this week, and you need to have at least a placeholder doc for all your feature PRs by this Friday.

The following update versions were released August 19th in the wee hours:

These include a minor golang security fix and go version bumps, so update your installations.

#79604: promote CRD to v1

The CustomResourceDefinition has graduated from beta to GA! The new group-version is apiextensions.k8s.io/v1. This change does include a number of breaking changes, mostly removal of pre-schema fields in favor of their schema-y replacements. Be sure to check the PR if you want to upgrade your CRDs.

The beta1 version will be supported for the usual deprecation cycle of 3 releases, but it is advisable to begin preparations now by improving your beta1 CRD schemas to more closely match the v1 requirements. This will still leave a few compat tweaks for the final beta1 to v1, but should streamline the process considerably.

#81330: Hide bearer token in logs

A small change, but very useful for high-debug-log testing environments or similar. Right now, lots of juicy access tokens end up in the request header logs. From now on, they won’t. Safety! Similarly, stop printing iSCSI secrets in logs too.

#80952: Propagate error from NewREST

Mostly confined to the storage subsystems, this changes the prototypes for a lot of functions all over the place to return errors rather than panicking. This is always nice to see, but if you have any patches in development for the storage layer, now would be a good time to check for merge conflicts.

Other Merges


Version Updates

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