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Week Ending May 24, 2020

Developer News

Kube-deploy has been archived, since it was never actually built and has been superceded. We got an image builder out of it though.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Freeze Exceptions due June 1

We are now in Enhancements Freeze, which means that you should be working on making your filed Features a reality, for contribution one month from now. Also, 1.19.0-beta.0 is published, so please test!

Release Engineering pushed out updates 1.18.3, 1.17.6, and 1.16.10 last week. This is a “bug fix” release, so its urgency depends on whether or not you’re already hitting some of the bugs.

#89683: Implement logging format flag at component-base

A follow up to last week’s klog v2 switch, the plumbing is now in place to support selectable log formats. Right now text is the only format supported and all logging is only as text messages, however the goal is to move towards structured logging which will work nicely with a JSON output format. A guide for how to use the new structured logging APIs is being discussed in k/community#4793 and I encourage everyone to check it out!

Another logging improvement is #91207, timestamps parsing will now be a bit easier as they will be a fixed width format.

#86477: Introduce promlint to guarantee metrics follow Prometheus best practices

This PR integrates the promlint static analysis tool into several test suites to ensure that any new metrics added to components will adhere to Prometheus community naming standards. This is not complete coverage, but it should help with avoiding future metrics that need to be corrected.

#91171: Switch to static bash and distroless image for etcd

Extending the existing work on slimming down some of our container images, the Etcd image now also uses distroless, though with a static version of bash due to the required startup shell scripts that come with Etcd. While not as small as the others, this is still a substantial space savings over the previous debian-base. Additionally a minimal reimplementation of cp in Go has been included as that is used by one of the scripts.

Other Merges

Version Updates

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