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Week Ending June 21, 2020

Developer News

We’re creating WG-Naming to resolve some longstanding naming problems in Kubernetes, mainly offensive/misleading terms like “whitelist”. If you’re really good with grep and sed, contact Stephen about helping out.

SIG-Contribex has a marketing team who can help you if your SIG needs to recruit more contributors.

Registry flip: gcr.io/google-containers started the flip to gcr.io/k8s-artifacts-prod on Monday. UPDATE: this was called off because of a billing issue, try again later.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Finish Docs PRs, July 6th

Please spend this week working on your documentation for any 1.19 features. Remember, no docs means no feature.

Also: Code Freeze is July 9th.

1.18.4, 1.17.7, and 1.16.11 came out last week. This is largely a “bugfix” release with no CVE patches, and one small API change.

#89778: ingress: Add Ingress to v1 API and update backend to defaultBackend

The Ingress system has graduated to to GA and networking.k8s.io/v1! This version bump does come with a number of schema and validation changes, most notably that defaultBackend is now more clearly labeled as such and pathType is a required value. Not all Ingress Controllers even support the new path type field but now is a good time to look over your Ingress usage and start planning which modes will work best for you. This was joined by a kubectl PR to add v1 output formatting and improved support for the largely-nascent resource backend system.

#91608: Feature implement json logformat

Building on the modular formatting system from last month, we now have bona fide JSON logging output. As the structured logging system is used in more places, the context fields will improve, but already you can use this with an existing JSON logging pipeline or analysis system. As you add new logging output, make sure to check out guide to using the structured logging API and add context fields!

#91927: replace whitelist to allowlist

While the WG-Naming group is still getting formed, some work to improve outdated terminology has begun. If you are interested in learning more about the working group, check out the mailing list or, once they begin, join in on the meetings.

Other Merges



Version Updates

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