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Week Ending August 2, 2020

Meeting Summary

Monday’s Steering Committee meeting started out by discussing the dates for the SC elections. Next, discussion of the proposed SIG-Security, which would replace the Security Process WG. One of the main reasons behind this is providing a clear place for outside vendors and security folk to contact. The security council will still exist for confidential handling of security reports/releases.

Paris asked if working groups should do their own annual reports in 2021, or if those should get bundled with the SIG reports. Committees are getting SC liaisons.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Cherry Pick Deadline Aug 6th (planned)

We’re not in Code Thaw yet, though, due to unresolved test failures and flakes. Please get those bugs closed, folks. Also, 1.19 now depends on Go 1.15.0, which isn’t released yet.

The cherry-pick deadline for upcoming patch releases is this Friday, for a minor release on August 12th.

test-infra#18471: force k8s-infra-prow-build jobs to be Guaranteed Pod QOS

All Kubernetes Prow jobs have been configured with resource requests and limits to ensure they run with the Guaranteed quality-of-service mode. This will help CI stability in the long run as test runs should not be subject to resource exhaustion however it does mean that if you are adding a new Prow job you will need to estimate the resources required and work with SIG-Testing to dial in the values. Also if you are expecting a change to dramatically alter the resource needs of a test job, please talk to SIG-Testing so they can help adjust the values.

Other Merges


Version Updates

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