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Week Ending August 9, 2020

Developer News

Steering Committee elections are open! The details have been posted to the mailing list but the short verison:

If you want to stand for election, send an email to kubernetes-dev@googlegroups.com with the subject line “Steering Committee Nomination: Your Name (@yourgithub)”. Anyone can run, you don’t need to have any specific credentials, just three endorsements from active voters.

On the voting side, the current voter roll is up on Github. If you don’t see yourself there and feel you contribute to the project in non-DevStats-visible ways, please fill out an exemption form to be added.

If anyone has any questions about either running for the Steering Committee or about voting, you can reach the election team in the #steering-committee Slack channel or on k-dev.

Also this week is Kubecon EU. Despite being a virtual event, some folks may be less available than usual while preparing or attending talks.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.19 Release, August 25th (planned)

1.19 currently has two blockers throwing off the release schedule. First, the final release of 1.19 is tied to final release of Go 1.15, which has also been delayed but is expected within a week. Second, there are still critical test failures/flakes unresolved. The release team still plans to make the release date of August 25.

Patch releases 1.18.7, 1.17.10, and 1.16.14 are expected out Wednesday.

Other Merges

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