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Week Ending August 16, 2020

Developer News

This week is Kubecon Virtual week! Don’t forget to check out the maintainer track, including sessions from SIGs Architecture, Scheduling, Service Catalog, CLI, Scalability, Instrumentation, and more. If you’re looking to get involved in a new SIG, this is an excellent week to do so.

Desipte that, the August Community Meeting is still happening this Thursday, with annual reports from SIGs Autoscaling, Scheduling, Scalability, and the new Naming WG. This meeting will include an Open Discussion at the end of each presentation, but it helps if you submit topics to the agenda first.

We are still accepting nominations for the 2020 Steering election. Also check that you are properly listed in voters.md so that you can vote.

SIG Cluster Lifecycle would like you to fill out a survey about how you use Kubernetes.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Release August 25

The most recently posted plan is for 1.19 to release on August 25th; contact the the Release Team for more up-to-date information. Go 1.15 has been released, so that is no longer a blocker.

v1.16.14, v1.17.11, and v1.18.8 were released last week. These replaced the short-lived 1.16.13, 1.17.10 and 1.18.7, which were built but not announced since they had some out-of-the-box breakage.


Version Updates

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