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Week Ending August 30, 2020

Developer News

1.19 has been released! With this release, the patch support window is extended to one year, you get ephemeral volumes, GA Ingress and Seccomp, and structured logging.

The Steering Committee Election is in progress. You have until September 8th to nominate candidates, and to make sure that you are represented in voters.md if you should be eligible to vote, and that the project has your email address. Ten candidates have been nominated so far.

Give the new, all-golang, OSS, beta Testgrid a try! Just append grid=beta when you look at your test results.

You can use Asset Transparency to download Kubernetes binaries instead of curl. And the kubeadm team wants feedback from IoT users.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Cherry-pick for 1.19.1, Sept. 4

1.19 has been released, which means that the first bugfix release isn’t far behind. Get your fixes in by this Friday.

If you want to be on the 1.20 Release Team, apply to become a shadow

1.16.15, the last update of 1.16, was released on Sept. 2. If you’re using 1.16, time to look at upgrading to 1.17 or 1.18.

#92491: compile out gofuzz from prod binaries

This adds a new notest build flag to remove gofuzz and enables that for release builds. If you have test-only dependencies, consider using the same style of conditional compilation to keep our binaries smaller.

#91602: Lock-free broadcaster

Performance is always a tricky thing to balance, but this PR is a great example of using more advanced techniques for a very real speedup. 10 nanoseconds per broadcast adds up fast!

#94272: remove deprecated kubelet endpoint /metrics/resource/v1alpha1

The metrics v1alpha1 endpoint in the Kubelet has been deprecated since 1.18, and has now been removed. The newer metrics/resources endpoint should be a relatively drop-in for most uses so be sure to update your metrics systems!

Other Merges


Version Updates

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