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Week Ending September 20, 2020

Developer News

SIG-Release will be meeting 9/22 to discuss reopening full development by removing the 1.20 milestone restriction. If you have opinions on this, please attend.

The Steering Committee election is in progress, please vote. If you didn’t get your ballot, request a replacement. Also, we are planning to replace CIVS for Kubernetes elections in the future, and we have a CommunityBridge project about it, so encourage eligible interns to apply.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze, October 6th

With 1.20 development under way, you need to file your planned enhancements with lead Kirsten Garrison. Remember, you need a KEP and a milestone issue. There’s a full release schedule for more info.

1.19.2,1.18.9, and 1.17.12 were released last Wednesday, with a host of bugfixes, primarily to EndpointSlice functionality and Azure support. Also v1.19 was upgraded to Go 1.15.2 to incorporate golang bugfixes.

#91993: Do not allow manual changes to manageFields via subresources

A possibly breaking change if you were doing something very weird in a custom controller, the status and scale subresources will no longer accept changes to metadata.managedFields. This will ensure that intentional manual changes must all flow through the main resource API.

#90969: Ignore not found in kubectl wait --for=delete

A simple change, now kubectl wait --for=delete will not exit with a failed exit code if the object doesn’t exit. This is mostly aimed at simplifying cleanup scripts that call several deletes and then wait for them all to complete. Previously if a delete finished quickly, that could throw things out of whack. Now it will do the expected thing even in that race condition case.

Other Merges



Version Updates

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