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Week Ending November 15, 2020

Developer News

It’s Kubecon Week! And there’s a ton of Kubernetes community sessions scheduled. See the end of LWKD for a full list.

Security Advisory: contributor Qin Ping found a way for unauthorized users to crash your backups via VolumeSnapshot. Fix this by either restricting access to the snapshot storage API, or by upgrading to snapshot-controller v3.0.2.

GitHub is having as-yet-unexplained fetch errors with some PRs. This is affecting builds and messed up the release of 1.18.11.

SIG-CLI has promoted Eddie Zaneski to Lead, and Tim Pepper has stepped down from SIG-Release to be replaced by Sascha Grunert and Dan Mangum.

Please share your feedback on how the Triage Workflow changes are working for you.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Docs ready by Nov. 23

We are in Code Freeze, so hopefully you got your PRs in – 45 enhancements made it. Aside from the conference, you should be focused entirely on fixing test failures and finishing up docs. Have those ready to review by Nov. 23, and to merge by (postponed) Dec. 2.

Due to the issue with Github, the v1.18.11 packages were unusable, and had to be replaced by v1.18.12 last Thursday. v1.17.14 and v1.19.4 were also released, on schedule.

Merges & Features



Version Updates

Kubecon Kubernetes Group Sessions

The following sessions are given by SIGs, WGs, or other community groups inside kubernetes:

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