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Week Ending November 22, 2020

Developer News

Contributors, please remember to register for the Kubernetes Contributor Celebration. Since we haven’t had contributor summits this year, the Summit Team decided to hold an online social event. Join and have fun.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Docs complete, Dec. 2

We were already in Code Freeze, and today starts Test Freeze (no new tests or non-fix test changes). You should have submitted your placeholder doc already, our you’ll hear from the release team on it. Beta 2 is available for your testing, and we’re still planning on a Dec. 8 release.

The next patch releases are due out the day after (12/9), with a cherry-pick deadline of 12/4.

#93370: Add cronjob controller v2

One of the blockers to promoting the CronJob resource to GA has been the relatively naieve approach used by its controller. The existing controller would use a single-threaded worker to reconcile every object every 10 seconds, generating a lot of API noise and increased system load as the number of CronJobs grew. A new and improved controller is now available behind a CronJobControllerV2 feature gate to allow for early testing before it becomes the default in a future release. This new controller uses a more standard stateful workqueue model like the one used for StatefulSets, combined with the new .status.lastSuccessfulTime field to allow for more idempotent behavior. If you make heavy use of CronJobs, please do try enabling the feature gate and provide feedback to SIG-Apps.

#92743: Fix GC uid races and handling of conflicting ownerReferences

One of two PRs this week improving the behavior of invalid owner references, this adds explicit checks for mismatched namespaces on owners and ownees so that incorrectly created references won’t block the GC controller. OwnerRefInvalidNamespace events will be emited by GC controller if it encounters any of these. This was joined by #96185 to de-duplicate owner references before storage to improve data consistency in the future. Currently these will result in an API warning however a future release may reject them as invalid. If you aren’t currently monitoring for API warnings in your code, now is a great time to start!

Other Merges


Version Updates

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