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Week Ending January 24, 2021

Developer News

Davanum Srinivas has proposed removing golint verification because of the amount of overhead for contributors & reviewers.

kube-state-metrics project is looking for new maintainers and contributors, if you are interested in contributing please reach out to brancz (Frederic Branczyk) or lili (Lili Cosic) on Kubernetes slack. They have a few help wanted issues as well

PodUtils for Kubernetes testing have been updated to support all metrics, which means that you should use them for your tests in the future. Test-infra has also created an Overview screen in TestGrid.

SIG-ContribEx chair Jorge Castro is stepping down, likely to be replaced by Alison Dowdney. Thank you to Jorge for being a true pillar of our community!

There will be no January Community Meeting, because of an error with the Kubernetes public calendar. See you in February!

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze, Feb. 9

Please work on those enhancement proposals/KEPs.

Next patch release set will be Feb. 17th.

website#23294: [GSoD’20] Update how the Kubernetes website serves API references

As part of the Google Season of Docs for 2020, we have a massive revamp of the API documentation! The primary reference now matches our standard style and more accessible to search engines. The new system also allows things like custom short URLs for commonly linked pages, better display for map and slice fields, and better documentation for API-adjacent types like TypeMeta and ObjectMeta. You can check out more information about the whole project on the Kubernetes blog.

enhancements#2310: Introduce KEP 2309: An IDL for Kubernetes

While still under discussion, this KEP could use eyeballs from more corners of the Kubernetes community. The overall proposal is to create an IDL for Kubernetes types that can be compiled down to code for each language as well as CustomResourceDefinitions, allow depending on API types between projects without needing to align all dependencies, and generally making it easier to build high-quality Kubernetes types without needing 4 years of backstory in our Go, JSON, and Protobufs libraries. Check it out!

Other Merges


Version Updates

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