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Week Ending March 21, 2021

Developer News

It’s now spring/fall, and we are in Code Freeze.

Han Kang and folks are spinning up a new Structured Logging Migration WG to complete the changeover. Tim Allclair is stepping down as SIG-Auth lead and nominating Rita Zhang as chair.

The Monthly Community Meeting is changing formats to make it more useful for contributors, so bring your contentious development discussions with you. Meet Our Contributors is also coming back and is looking for hosts.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Complete feature docs, Test Freeze, March 24th

We are in Code Freeze and you should be troubleshooting test failures. We’ll freeze test changes on the 24th, as well as needing complete docs on any new features. Final release is still targeted for April 8th.

1.20.5, 1.19.9, and 1.18.17 came out last week. These are bugfix releases with no security patches. Cherrypick deadline for next patch releases is April 9.


Over a dozen more packages were migrated to structured logging. SIG-Node is migrated now. Have you migrated yet?



Version Updates

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