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Week Ending April 4, 2021

Developer News

Short issue for you this week because folks are heads-down with finishing the 1.21 release.

Kubernetes Prow is shifting to being deployed continuously, where “continuously” means “every 6 hours”. Main benefit is saving the Infra team a lot of manual work.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.21 Release, April 8

We are in the final test-fixing countdown to the release. Release notes were completed Monday, and 1.21 is still on schedule to go out on Thursday. That means if you do get a message from the Release Team about a failing test or bug, please give it immediate attention.

Speaking of the RT, shadow applications are now open for the 1.22 team. If you have dreamed of being a Kubernetes Release Team member, now’s your chance.

Cherry-picks for the next round of patch releases are due this Friday.

Featured Blog Post

PodSecurityPolicy Deprecation: Past, Present, and Future

In lieu of a PR this (quiet) week, a blog post! Our newest PSC member has written up an excellent summary of the history and future of the long-suffering PodSecurityPolicy system. Its deprecation in 1.21 may still catch many users unawares so keep this handy for folks that haven’t been keeping up with the news week-by-week.

Other Merges

Version Updates

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