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Week Ending September 12, 2021

Developer News

There have been some changes in the plan for the contributor summit at KubeCon NA. The social event is still planned for those attending in-person but the rest of the SIG events are going to be more ad-hoc. Space will be available for SIG meetings or other discussions but no firm schedule is planned as many peoples’ travel plans are still in flux. We hope to catch up with everyone virtually at the celebration event if you cannot join us in San Diego!

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Burndown and Exceptions, Nov. 1st

KEPs are locked in so we’re in the main stretch for 1.23 development! You’ve got about 8 weeks to code up all the features approved for the next release, so put the pedal to the metal and make those PRs shine.

As it was a light week on PRs due to enhancement freeze, we’ll be looking at KEPs targeted for 1.23. As always, an accepted KEP is not a guarantee the feature will be completed or merged, or that it will exactly match the KEP if it is.

KEP-2876: CRD Validation Expression Language

Over the years we’ve added more and more schema control tools to CustomResourceDefinitions. As CRDs have become the beating heart of so many Kubernetes tools, strong validation has become important to a lot of workflows. Our current solution for complex validation, beyond the bounds of OpenAPI checks, is webhooks. Tools like Kubebuilder and Operator-SDK help streamline these but they are still a lot of complexity for even relatively basic validations like ensuring one field is greater than another. This KEP is looking to add more complex server-side validations using the CEL expression language. This will not fully replace webhooks, for example anything making a network call or using a third-party library will still need them, but it could take over some of the medium complexity cases.

Also a related shoutout for KEP-2885, to allow rejecting incoming data that has fields not specified in the schema.

KEP-2593: Enhanced NodeIPAM to support Discontiguous Cluster CIDR

This KEP gets straight to the point: right now we only support a single CIDR block for the cluster. It would be cool if we could support more than one block. So let’s do that! The goal is to add a new ClusterCIDRConfig core type that will allow adding multiple IP blocks as well as reconfiguring them on the fly.




Version Updates

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