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Week Ending October 24, 2021

Developer News

The Steering Committee election is still in progress, and you have until November 4th to vote (and until October 29 to ask for an exception). Remember to vote!

Ingress-Nginx has reported a security hole which may allow users to see secrets belonging to other users if custom snippets are enabled. To patch, you will need to both upgrade Ingress-Nginx and disable custom snippets.

SIG-Release is looking hard at the Release Team selection process and would like your thoughts if you’re a current, former, or wanna-be release team member.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Final call for enhancements exceptions, Nov. 1

We are now three weeks from code freeze. If you are working on a cool new feature, we’d like to have it on the Feature Blog, and you should maybe contribute to the discussion around themes for 1.23. You should also create placeholder PRs for your docs.

October’s patch releases for 1.20-1.22 should be out this Wednesday.




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