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Week Ending February 27, 2022

Developer News

We wish our Ukrainian community members, as well as contributors throughout Eastern Europe, safety for both themselves and their families, and peace soon.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Exceptions due, March 21st

Folks are still head-down on features, although quite a few features have been postponed from 1.24. If that includes one of your favorite features, time to get more involved with it.

CI Signal is steady, with the usual flakes and some test failures due to moving repositories. Which means … now is an excellent time for you to expand test coverage, or diagnose some of those chronic flakes in master-informing.

As it was a quiet week in k/k, some highlights from SIG projects.

website#31934: Allow marking blog posts as evergreen and exempt from outdated warning

SIG-Docs has recently added a warning banner to blog posts more than a year old stating that they may be out of date. While overall this should help end users avoiding confusion when search results direct them to ancient posts, some content is not time-bounded and can now be marked as such. If you’re working on a blog post, check with SIG-Docs if you’re unsure if it should get marked as evergreen or not.

kustomize#4452: Kustomize 2022 roadmap

Kustomize has posted a roadmap for the 2022 development plans. The main overarching goals are to improve their contributor community, end-user experience, and the process or writing extensions. If you use Kustomize or are interested in switching to it, check out their planned changes!

kubespray#8439: check & uninstall container engine if needed

With dockershim finally on the way out, Kubespray has added some additional code to smooth out the process of transitioning a live cluster from Docker to another container engine.

Other Merges

This has also been the week of backports, despite patch releases being two weeks off, including:



Version Updates

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