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Week Ending January 28, 2018

Community Meeting Summary

This week’s meeting included two related demos, of kube-exec and kube-toolkit. Kube-exec is a demo tool which allows passing a command to run as a pod in a cluster from simple go code. Kube-toolkit helps go developers create gRPC-based CLIs for Kubernetes.

Jaice DuMars, who recently replaced Phil Whitrock as SIG lead for SIG-release, discussed the 1.10 release with Ihor Dvoretskyi, the Features Lead. See below for this.

Jeff Borek announced that IBM was willing to host SIG meetings for free at their Index conference on February 20th; contact him for space ASAP if you want it. Similarly, SIG participants were invited to register for SIG meetings and deep-dives at Kubernetes Copenhagen. Finally, Kubernetes contributors need to help staff the next Meet Our Contributors event coming up on February 7th.

Release Schedule

This was week 4 of version 1.10 development.

Feature Freeze is January 29th, so by the time you read this, the list of likely 1.10 features should be complete. Among the interesting features proposed are moving CronJobs, formerly ScheduledJobs, to beta, support for debug containers, and infrastructure-aware Volume scheduling. Look for a summary of 1.10 features in a future LWKD.

An alpha of 1.10 should be available on Tuesday, the 30th.

Feature Work

168 pull requests were merged this week. As usual, most of them were clean-up items, including removing unused code.


There were also many removals of dead and/or unused code, options, and files this week, including:

Version Updates

Other Merges

Graph of the Week


The graph of the week was mentions per SIG. This shows team mentions on Github, usually because someone wants a PR review. Aaron Crickenberger introduced this graph because he personally feels that there are way too many Github teams; with 18 teams per SIG, the Kubernetes namespace has more than 290 teams. His suggestion was that the project could weed out the teams that are not frequently used.

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