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Week Ending November 10, 2019

Developer News

1.17 Code Freeze is this week, see below.

Do you run multiple Kubernetes clusters? If so, SIG-MC wants to survey you.

Next week is Kubecon San Diego. Noah and Josh will both be there, sporting our new LWKD shirts, which means we will not be writing LWKD. If we can wedge it in, we’ll add a writeup of the Contributor Summit; otherwise, no LWKD next week.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: CODE FREEZE Nov. 14th

That’s right, you have a couple days to get your 1.17 changes in shape to be shipped, or pull them. After Thursday, you’ll need cherry-pick approval to add anything to 1.17. Also, you should already have your docs PR (as of Nov 8th).

The following patch releases are expected Nov. 13th:

Node Instance Type, Zone, and Region Promoted

This is split into two PRs, #82049 for instance type and #81431 for zone/region. Put together, three of the utility labels automatically applied to nodes have been promoted to GA and with that have new identities:

beta.kubernetes.io/instance-type -> node.kubernetes.io/instance-type
failure-domain.beta.kubernetes.io/zone -> topology.kubernetes.io/zone
failure-domain.beta.kubernetes.io/region -> topology.kubernetes.io/region

In keeping with normal promotion, the beta labels will also be set during the deprecation period, likely until 1.18. Given the risk of silent bad behavior if you use these labels in things like node affinity settings, do keep a careful eye on things and make sure to upgrade everything mentioning the old labels before 1.19 rolls around.

#84677: remove cfssl dependencies

If you somehow were depending on CFSSL in any of your Kubernetes-related patches, now would be a good time to either rethink that or update your dependencies. The specific fixes here are mostly to lock down signing management, but the removal of CFSSL overall is a nice simplification of the codebase.

#84662 Script-based Hyperkube to avoid deps

Hyperkube is being pulled out of the main kubernetes/kubernetes repo, and currently has some shims to allow it to continue to build. Projects like kubeadm are dropping support for it. So, if you make use of Hyperkube, now’s the time to either rip it out of your dependency tree or volunteer to maintain it.

Other Merges


The kubeadm team did their usual large merge of planned features this week, including:



Version Updates

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