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Week Ending January 5, 2020

Happy New Year!

As LWKD was off for the holidays, this issue covers the last three weeks of Kubernetes activity.

Developer News

The 2020 Contributor Survey is open! Please submit your feedback.

The Weekly Community Meetings will switch to monthly, in order to make the meetings more content-full and less effort for the Contribex team. This will mean that SIGs may only be doing an update in the Community Meeting twice a year; SC and Contribex are exploring having the SIG updates by email or video instead.

Lest you have fewer meetings in your schedule, though, there will be a new monthly meeting of SIG Chairs and TLs. This is to make sure that SIG Chairs are aware of project-wide information and changes, since email doesn’t seem to be working.

Two Kubernetes git repositories are being archived, partly to shut down the obsolete and problematic kubernetes-incubator namespace:

Release Schedule

The Release Team for 1.18 has been selected, but the release timeline is not yet published.


The holidays seem to be a time for reverting mistakes, including:

Other Merges



Version Updates

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