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Week Ending September 26, 2021

Developer News

The annual Steering Committee Election has begun. You may nominate candidates (including yourself) to run for SC until October 14th.
Now is also the time to check your eligibility, either via voters.yaml or the new Elekto App, and file an Exception if necessary. Voting will be from Oct 18 to Nov 4.

SIG-CLI leadership changes: Katrina Verey will be Tech Lead and chair, Maciej Szulik will be TL only, and Phil Wittrock is retiring.

Divya Mohan is the new SIG-Docs co-chair.

SIG-Testing has separated its Chairs from its Tech Leads, including adding Cole Wagner and Alvaro Aleman as TLs.

KubeCon Contributor Activities

There will be no formally organized Contributor Summit this year due to low attendance in Los Angeles. However, there will still be two rooms and multiple tables available for SIG meetings and work sessions, fill out this form if you want to “reserve” one. SIG-Contribex will be holding a Contributor Workshop Doc Sprint from 10am-4pm, in order to whip the “how to contribute” website into shape.

The SIG Meet-and-Greet is scheduled for Wednesday at 1:30pm; your SIG should attend and recruit new contributors!

We will still be having a Contributor Social, with bowling, on Monday night; RSVPs required here. And we’re still planning the online Contributor Celebration in December.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Last Call for Exceptions, Nov 1

Alpha-3 has been released for your testing pleasure.

Next update cherry-picks due Oct. 15.




Repositories frakti and cluster-api-provider-docker have been retired.

Version Updates

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