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Week Ending November 14, 2021

Developer News

Dockershim is going away in 1.24. Are you ready? SIG-Node is collecting user feedback on the current state of the removal. It will only take you a few minutes, please fill it out if you can. Thanks!

We are testing moving to EasyCLA for CLA-signing, to replace the older propriety Linux Foundation system. Currently EasyCLA is giving lots of warnings, but it’s not blocking your merge. If it doesn’t recognize you, comment on the tracking issue.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Code Freeze, Nov. 16th 23:59 UTC

It’s here! Tomorrow is Code Freeze for 1.23, and it’s time to decide if your feature is going to make it or not. 23 of this release’s 60 tracked enhancements are “at risk”; if one of those is yours, you need to get in touch with the Enhancements team now. From here until the release, you’ll need a milestone maintainer to approve anything that needs to go into 1.23.

The next patch releases are due out on Wednesday.

#102534: Create HPA v2 Stable API

The long-awaited HPA v2 has finally arrived after many years of v2beta. Mostly this solidifies the changes early in the beta cycle to have much more flexible scaling target descriptors, but if you’re already using v2beta2 then look forward to easier kubectl integration. A few internal values have been renamed so if you create an HPA object from operator code in Go, you’ll have to update MinPolicySelect to MinChangePolicySelect and MaxPolicySelect to MaxChangePolicySelect.

#106123: package log runner as part of Kubernetes releases

Originally introduced as go-runner, kube-log-runner is a program with exactly one mission in life: redirect process output to a log file. This has been an internal component of our testing systems for a while, letting us test things on the slim distroless base images to save space (and thus speed up testing) while still collecting logs of the test runs. If you have similar “output redirection without a shell” needs in your tooling, check it out!

Other Merges

Structured Log Migrations: cache, comparer and dumper and note_tree, preemption and stateful and resource_allocation, and finally assume_cache


Version Updates

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