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Week Ending January 16, 2022

Developer News

We plan to switch to EasyCLA on February 5th. Please check the EasyCLA results in any PRs you submit this week; is EasyCLA correctly finding your CLA? If not, file a ticket as soon as you see problems.

Reminder: now that kubernetes-dev@googlegroups has been replaced by dev@kubernetes.io, please remember to share any community docs you have (like SIG agendas, etc.) with dev@kubernetes.io.

What if logging in Kubernetes was fully pluggable? Patrick Ohly is soliciting feedback on a KEP for “contextual logging”. Drawback: requires another project-wide overhaul, just like structured logging did.

SIG-Docs has promoted a bunch of new people to leadership, including adding some new lead roles such as “Localization Lead”. Frederic Branczyk has stepped down as TL of SIG-Instrumentation and the SIG suggests Damien Grisonnet to take his place.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: PRR heads-ups due, January 27th

This is the 2nd week of the 1.24 release cycle, and everyone should be at work on your KEPs. The first CI Signal report is out, so take a look at those flaky/failing tests, please!

Updates for 1.23, 1.22, 1.21, and 1.20 are due out Wednesday. This will be the last update for 1.20, so folks on that version should be planning upgrades.

#107293: Cleanup OWNERS files - Jan 2021 Week 1

Kicking off 2022 with a bit of tidying up! To keep our project governance healthy, we periodically remove inactive contributors from our approver configrations. If this affects you directly, you should have already received a ping on the PR. If this has caught anyone off gaurd, please reach out to SIG-ContribEx so we can get stuff fixed for you ASAP.

#106978: log message verbosity

As we’ve moved to structured logging, JSON output has become indispensible to many users. Including log line metadata allows for a lot of post-processing and query support in tools like Loki and ElasticSearch. One persistent problem lately has been log lines coming through with the wrong verbosity metadata due to code like:

if klog.V(5).Enabled() {
    klog.Info("hello world")

While the V(5) is used for the conditional output, the actual log line is produced with v=0. To correct this, we need use klog.V(5).Info(...) instead. This PR updates all existing instances of this issue however be alert for the future!

Other Merges



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