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Week Ending May 8, 2022

Developer News

Kubernetes 1.24 “Stargazer” is released! Highlights of the new version include: signed release artifacts, volume expansion, migration of storage plugins to CSI, contextual logging, and IP collision avoidance. Dockershim has been removed and you may need to make changes to accommodate the new CNI version. Also, with the completion of 1.24, release branch fast-forward is live.

You have until May 13th (EU time) to register for the Contributor Summit. There’s games and more for the Contributor Social, and SIGs should sign up for the Meet & Greet. You can also still propose an Unconference topic.

Patrick Ohly proposed that we employ linter checks earlier in the development process. This and other topics around improving reliability will get discussed at the Contributor Summit.

The May Community Meeting is deferred due to Kubecon EU.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.25 Cycle Starts, May 23rd

We are in the “time between releases”, which is actually the time contributors should be thinking about “what can I realistically get done for 1.25”. Enhancements Freeze is June 17th, so you want to have your development goals figured out before then.

Cherry Pick Deadline for the next patch releases is May 20th, so if you’re going to Kubecon get your PRs done now.

#109464: Use module mode when building/installing

With the Go 1.18 upgrade finally finished, we’re reworked the build scripts to use module mode rather than GOPATH mode. This will allow better use of the new buildinfo API in Go. This feature stores a debug log inside each binary with information like build arguments, git state, and dependency versions, which can be read either via the new debug.ReadBuildInfo() method from inside the binary or externally using go version -m /path/to/binary. All together this should help track down unusual CI failures or other similar build state issues. If you’ve got your own build scripting, you might need to make similar updates and even if not required maybe try it out anyway.

#109443: Add Apply and ApplyStatus methods to dynamic ResourceInterface

The typed clients from client-go have supported Server Side Apply helpers for a while now, but this PR adds the same kind of interface to the dynamic client. As more things switch to SSA, this keeps code a bit nicer to read than the previous approach of a Patch() call with ApplyPatchType.

Other Merges


Old beta feature gates that graduated to GA in 1.23 or earlier and were unconditionally enabled have been removed: CSIServiceAccountToken, ConfigurableFSGroupPolicy, EndpointSlice, EndpointSliceNodeName, EndpointSliceProxying, GenericEphemeralVolume, IPv6DualStack, IngressClassNamespacedParams, StorageObjectInUseProtection, TTLAfterFinished, VolumeSubpath, WindowsEndpointSliceProxying. Please remove these from your YAML configs.

Version Updates

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