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Week Ending May 29, 2022

Developer News

Please make sure that your Zoom client (for community meetings) is updated to at least 5.10.0; there is a security issue in earlier versions.

The Release Cadence Survey is concluded and our community seems to prefer 3 releases a year. Also, half of you all are using EOL versions.

There was no May Community Meeting due to KubeCon.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Due, June 16

The 1.25 Release Cycle has begun, led by Cici Huang, which means the team is collecting enhancements already. Make sure to add your planned enhancement to the list.

The Test Plan Section for Enhancement KEPs has been enlarged with the goal of ensuring better testing of new features. Make sure you’re ready to fill out this additional information (and plan to write tests) before finalizing your KEP.

Patch releases 1.24.1, 1.23.7, 1.22.10, and 1.21.13 are now available. As 1.21 is now over a year old, it will be EOL soon and users on that version should have plans to upgrade. Significant patches include a golang update and fixing JobTrackingWithFinalizers.

#109938: Move from k8s.gcr.io to registry.k8s.io

The Kubernetes infrastructure team has built out a new container registry at registry.k8s.io as an upgrade for the k8s.gcr.io registry. Rather than a single hosting platform, this new registry is a global collection of storage hosts across many cloud providers and regions. It checks incoming requests against known cloud provider ranges and if matching, redirects to a physically proximate replica. For all other traffic, it will continue to behave the same as k8s.gcr.io, but this offers improved performance and reliability nearly transparently. If you run network or Kubernetes-admission-controller level filters you may need to add registry.k8s.io to your allowlists and if you run an airgapped cluster, you will need to mirror the images against that registry instead of the old one.

#108210: coordinate the kubectl warning style

Kubectl has historically had many ways to print out a warning to the user. To try and level up our consistency, this PR adds a WarningPrinter helper struct and methods to display pretty, uniform output. If you manage any Kubectl plugins, consider adopting this utility or matching the output style from your own code.

Other Merges


Version Updates

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