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Week Ending June 26, 2022

Developer News

The Ingress-NGINX project is pausing accepting new features and spending the next season working on stability. While they’re doing that, if you are an Ingress-NGINX user, please fill out their survey and help decide what features to prioritize when they start up again.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Exceptions Due July 25th

We are now in Enhancements Freeze; file an exception if you just missed the deadline. There are 55 tracked features for the release. Another 21 were removed because of incomplete KEPs.

The first 1.25 Alpha is available. Built with Golang 1.18.3, it includes few of the features that will eventually be in 1.25.0.

Cherry-pick deadline for the next set of patch releases is July 8th, so if you’re OOO for the American holiday, get those PRs done now.

enhancements#3392: KEP-3104: Introduce kuberc

The venerable and often-frustrating “kubeconfig” file has served as the primary configuration mechanism for kubectl for a long time. This has offered a lot of flexibility to users managing multiple clusters, with features like PATH-style lookup and file merging, but these features have also made it difficult to add user-centric preferences to kubectl, detached from cluster configuration details. SIG-CLI is proposing a new file, kuberc, which would contain only user preferences and nothing related to cluster data. Some initial proposed use cases include allowing user-configured aliases to abbreviate common commands and persistent overrides for the default value of a value such as making kubectl apply use --server-side=true unless overridden.

enhancements#3377: KEP-1027: API Unions for 1.25

This KEP has been brewing for many years but 1.25 will hopefully see a renewed push with a more detailed plan. The overall idea is to expose oneOf validation for custom resource types, for cases like volume configuration on pods where there’s many substructs and exactly one must be used. Currently this behavior can only be implemented with a validation webhook (or perhaps a CEL expression if you’re on the bleeding edge) but as it is an extremely common thing in Kubernetes schemas, it will be nice to have as a full OpenAPI validation feature.

Other Merges



Version Updates

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