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Week Ending October 2, 2022

Developer News

The Steering Committee election is concluded, and Benjamin Elder, Bob Killen, and Nabarun Pal have been elected.

k8s.gcr.io is redirecting to registry.k8s.io; contact BenTheElder, Ameukam, or Thockin if this breaks things.

We’ve removed makefile API generation. If you commit API changes, make sure to run update-codegen.sh before pushing.

The Kubernetes organization is testing out the Github alpha Tasklist feature. This is UI improvement over existing markdown checklists, which permits creating “coordinating issues” to track groups of issues and PRs.

We need SIG members for the SIG Meet & Greet on Friday at Kubecon.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze October 7th

Yes, it’s time to get your KEPs and PRs ready for deciding which features will be in 1.26, and which will wait. Please have your KEP implementable by this Friday.

Cherry-picks for the next patch releases are also due Friday.

#112819: Kill off makefile-driven code-generation

As mentioned above, the old CI-driven automation for updating generated files has been removed. It was brittle and slow, resulting in slower builds across the board even though API-file changes are a tiny minority of PRs. Local build times have been reduced by almost 50% in some quick checks. The new workflow is that if you know your branch contains API-relevant changes, you need to manually run hack/update-codegen.sh which will do the auto-generation and commit it for you. If you have any questions or have issues running the codegen script, please reach out to SIG Architecture on Slack or ask on the dev mailing list.

#111980: Add staging directory for kms

As the SIG Auth team has pushed forward with KMS v2, we now have a new staging repo to help folks writing out-of-tree KMS plugins. Secrets storage has always been a complex and active topic in our community so if its a thing that you want to explore, check out the exported APIs!

Other Merges

Test Cleanup: drop unmaintained iks benchmark, add tests for namespace limits


Version Updates

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