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Week Ending October 9, 2022

Developer News

After being elected to the Steering Committee, Nabarun Pal has stepped down from the Code of Conduct Committee, and Jason DeTiberius will be taking his place.

Registration is still open for the Contributor Summit, but will close next week. Register now if you’re coming!

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Exceptions Due, October 31st

1.26 is now in Enhancements Freeze, with 21 new and 25 graduating features expected for the release (33 more dropped out). If your team just missed the deadline, file for an exception before the end of the month. Some of the interesting new enhancements include:

CI Signal is green.

Patch releases for all supported versions are expected out on Thursday, including a windows loadbalancer fix and golang updates.

#112952: Make root approvers list non-recursive, shift from individuals to sig/subproject aliases

To better segment and delegate permissions, we’re slightly reworking permissions on the k/k repository. Previously “root approvers” got approver access to every subdirectory because all permissions were applied recursively. Now they will instead only be able to approve changes to files in the root directory itself, or subdirectories they are explicitly added to. The new root permissions will be managed via the dep and sig-architecture reviewers/approvers groups so they can be more self-managing.

Other Merges

Test Cleanup: Patrick Ohly dropped a massive E2E framework refactoring PR this week that moves a lot of code to subpackages, and should make it easier to develop and debug future E2E tests

Version Updates

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