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Week Ending January 8, 2023

Developer News

Happy new year! This is the first LWKD of the new year, so it covers merges and events from over the holidays.

Tim Hockin has some ideas about changes to the Alpha/Beta/GA cadence. Share your thoughts by commenting on the document.

Tim Allclair proposes no longer staleifying triaged issues. Comment on the issue if have any feedback on this change.

Save The Date: the EU Contributor Summit will happen on Tuesday, April 18th, in Amsterdam just before KubeCon. More information coming soon.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.27 Release Cycle Begins, January 9th

We are now officially in 1.27 development, with Xander Grzywinski as release lead, and lots of other folks backing him up.

The Call for Enhancements is out and they are due February 10th (with PRR a week before that, February 3rd). See the release page for all the dates of this release cycle, expected to come out on April 11th.

Cherry pick deadline for the January patch releases is this Friday the 13th (so maybe don’t leave it until that day, eh?). Note that 1.22 is no longer supported, and 1.23 is in “maintenance mode” (meaning security patches only).

#113542: Set singular names for core types to pass to discovery

A long time coming, the singular names from core types will now always take precedence over custom types from CRDs. This is a big step forward for both security, as CRDs could be used to “clobber” core types, as well as having entirely predictable behavior for caching. If you were for some reason intentionally overwriting a core type, now is the time to stop doing that!

#114236: Fix data race when emitting similar Events consecutively

Along with #114237, this closes some local race conditions in the event recording client code. If you maintain any operators and make use of the EventRecorder APIs (and if you are writing operators, you really should) then put this on your radar so you can upgrade client-go once it makes sense for your project. Given the trigger conditions for the race require the events be either identical or nearly identical it’s not the highest of high priority fixes but still a good thing to close the loop on when you are able.

Other Merges

Test Cleanup: GetList test, Windows volume tests


Version Updates

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