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Week Ending January 22, 2023

Developer News

The new usage metrics project is launched, and already has a testgrid

SIG Security wants to know if you’re interested in a Threat Modeling Workshop at either Contributor Summit this year.

The future of the monthly Community Meeting is unclear; please provide your insight.

If you’re a SIG Lead, remember that Maintainer Session proposals for Kubecon Amsterdam are due this Friday. If you’re not a lead, but have an idea, tell your SIG lead about it!

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Begin PRR reviews, February 2nd

It’s still heavy development time.

Patch releases 1.26.1, 1.25.6, 1.24.10, and 1.23.16, are out and include updates to Golang, which fix known security holes came out last week. These fix multiple important bugs, and critically upgrade old versions to Go 1.19 to close security holes. Note that 1.22 is now EOL, so it does not have those security fixes; either upgrade now or get them from distro.

Code Generation Overhaul

Tim Hockin has merged a whole series of PRs to upgrade and improve our automated code generation. This includes swagger code/data fixing the go_package in protobuf files, disabling clientset generation for “example” APIs used in tests, and removing orphaned generated code which was produced by long-since removed tools and thus hadn’t been updated in a long time. There’s even more PRs still pending so look forward to another wave of improvements in the coming days. All together this should both speed up codegen and future-proof our build tooling.

Other Merges

Test Cleanup: e2e tests can check “remains pending”, SELinux mount duplication test, use stdlib for roundtrip tests



Version Updates

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