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Week Ending February 5, 2023

Developer News

The old image registry, k8s.gcr.io, will stop taking updates on April 3. As a contributor, you need to make sure that you’re pushing builds to registry.k8s.io and that any components that you call are pulling from the new registry. Users should also check any of their CI that pulls images.

The Kubernetes Java client is affected by CVE-2022-1471, a remote code execution. Update your Java client ASAP.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze, Thursday Feb. 9th

We’re in PRR soft freeze, so if your KEP is not yet ready for review, you’re at the end of the queue. You only have a couple days before Enhancements Freeze anyway, so get those KEPs in reviewable shape and opt in.

Cherry-picks for the next set of patch releases are due Friday the 10th.

#115377: Fetch go version using gimme if needed

Environment setup is always a complicated topic. This PR automates installing the correct version of Go using Travis’ gimme tool. They will get unpacked into .gimme in your build output folder, so this should be safe and do the correct thing in almost all situations. However if you want to make sure your system-level Go environment is used, export FORCE_HOST_GO=y. You may also want to check on your CI configuration, on one hand this will simplify CI setups but it will also potentially increase build times.

Other Merges

Test Cleanup: StatefulSetOrdinal, MultiCIDRRangeAllocator, APIService lifecycle, encryption config reload


Version Updates

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