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Week Ending May 7, 2023

Developer News

SIG-K8s-Infra is moving multiple Prow jobs to the donated build cluster on AWS.

Jeremy Rickard has proposed specifics for the revived WG-LTS.

Daniel Smith has stepped down as API-Machinery Tech Lead, and nominated Joe Betz as his replacement.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.28 Cycle Begins, May 15th

The cherry-pick deadline for the next set of patch releases is this Friday.

#116779: Controlled rollout of CEL libraries and language features

While the multitude of new CEL-based features has been well received, one open question has been how to evolve the CEL-facing API in a way that satisfies our compatibility requirements. This PR moves us a lot closer to that goal. It adds two distinct environments, NewExpressions for new data and StoredExpressions for existing data in etcd. This allows for slow releases of new functionality, a new CEL field or function can be exposed over time. Look for a future PR to go deeper into features like feature gates for individual CEL functions or potentially API stability tagging for CEL functions.

Other Merges



Version Updates

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