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Week Ending July 30, 2023

Developer News

Nominations are open for the Kubernetes Code of Conduct Committee. If it is your time to serve the project on the CoCC, submit your nomiation here by August 4th.

Peribolos started malfunctioning on August 1. The contributor infra team is hard at work fixing it. The outage was caused by a merge conflict in configuration of Peribolos when launching a new feature.

LWKD is adding “Featured KEP” as a new section to our weekly newsletter, thanks to new contributor Sreeram Venkitesh. You, too, could contribute to LWKD.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Themes and Docs Complete, August 8

Hopefully all your features are debugged and you’re hard at work on revising documentation, because those docs need to be edited and finished in a week. Then on to the release! As always during code freeze, please watch for and respond promptly to any test failures.

This Friday is also the deadline for cherry-picks for the next round of patch releases.

KEP of the Week

KEP 2340 - Consistent Reads from Cache

This KEP introduces serving of most GET and LIST requests from the watch cache of the apiserver, instead of serving the request from etcd every time, in order to reduce contention on etcd. It was first created in December 2019 by Joe Betz, Wojciech Tyczynski and Marek Siarkowicz. The KEP is alpha in v1.28 as of three weeks ago in kubernetes/kubernetes PR#118508. Siarkowicz’s PR introduces a ConsistentListFromCache feature gate that enables the apiserver to serve consistent requests from the watch cache. He had also implemented conditionalProgressRequester for requesting watch progress notification if the watch cache is not fresh, which was extracted to kubernetes/kubernetes PR#119207 from his original PR. This older KEP was recently revived through a new approach with WatchProgressRequest that drops dependency on the etcd configuration.

Other Merges

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