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Week Ending August 13, 2023

Developer News

It’s Release Week!

Nominations are open for the Kubernetes Steering Committee election. Also, check the elections app to see if you are eligible to vote, and file an exception if you aren’t.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.28 Released, August 15

We are still on schedule to release 1.28 this week. Tuesday, even! Pending last-minute delays.

Patch releases have been delayed until August 23rd due to conflicts with the 1.28 release schedule.

KEP of the Week

KEP 3850 - Backoff Limits Per Index For Indexed Jobs

This KEP extends the Jobs API to support indexes for jobs, where the backoff limit is per index. The job can continue executing even if some of its indexes are failing. Currently, the indexes of an indexed job share a common backoff limit. When the job reaches this common backoff limit, the job is marked as failed by the job controller even if there are indexes which are yet to run to completion. The current implementation is not efficient if the indexes are truly independent of each other. If one index fails, the entire job would be marked as failed.

The proposed solution involves adding a new policy where the backoff limit controls the number of retries per index of the job. All indexes of the job execute until they succeed or fail. A new API field to control the number of failed indexes is also proposed. This KEP was authored by Michał Woźniak and jensentanlo and is in alpha in v1.28

Other Merges

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