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Week Ending October 1, 2023

Developer News

Stephen Augustus, Paco Xu, Patrick Ohly, and Maciej Suzlik have been elected to the 2023-2024 Kubernetes Steering Committee. Congrats to the new members, and thanks to everyone who voted.

The schedule for Contributor Summit Chicago is live. Please register

Mahamed Ali is planning to replace kube-up with kops for the E2E testing framework, mostly because kube-up is unmaintained.

Antonio Ojea points out that there are some race conditions around Node IPs caused by the migration to external cloud providers. He proposes a change to readiness to mitigate this, but probably more is needed.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Enhancements Freeze, October 6th

John Belamaric also clarified that PRR Freeze means answering all the PRR questions, not having them approved yet.

KEP of the Week

KEP-3705: Cloud Dual-Stack –node-ip Handling

This KEP proposes to add dual-stack --node-ip support to kubelet for clusters using a cloud provider. Currently it is only supported by bare metal clusters. This would allow admins of clusters on a cloud provider to override both node IPs on a node in a dual stack cluster. Currently if you pass --cloud-provider to kubelet, it expects --node-ip to either be unset or a single IP address. This KEP will allow comma separated dual-stack values for --node-ip in clusters using non-legacy cloud providers.

This KEP is targeting beta milestone in the upcoming v1.29 release is authored by Dan Winship

Other Merges


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