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Week Ending October 8, 2023

Developer News

The EKS Prow build cluster has been successfully upgraded from Kubernetes 1.25 to 1.28.

The schedule for Contributor Summit Chicago is live. Please register.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Exception Requests Due, October 23rd

We are in Enhancements Freeze with 72 Enhancements on the tracking board. Any KEPs that wish to join the v1.29 release must now have an approved Exception.

October Patch Release cherry-picks are due this Friday (October 13th).

KEP of the Week

KEP 2305 - Metric Cardinality Enforcement

This KEP proposes to dynamically configure allowlists for metric label values at runtime. Metrics with unbounded dimensions can cause memory issues in the components they instrument. The dynamic configuration of allowlist proposed by this KEP would solve this. The KEP proposes to configure an allowlist at the runtime, during the boot sequence for a Kubernetes component, rather than during the build/compile step. Historically this issue has been approached in various ways. This implementation makes use of the existing constaint in prometheus clients that metrics can be uniquely identified by their metric descriptor.

This KEP was in beta in v1.28 and is tracked to graduate to stable in the upcoming v1.29 release.

Other Merges

Test Cleanup: remove old kubeup test, watch reflector integration test, test name space padding, kubectl rollout undo

Version Updates

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