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Week Ending October 15, 2023

Developer News

Ben, Arnaud, and Mahamed are replacing Aaron and Tim Hockin as SIG-K8s-Infra leadership.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Exception Requests Due, October 23rd

Patch releases, including a go version bump are expected out this Wednesday (October 18th). As a reminder, these will not be posted to the legacy package repos; you need to download from pkgs.k8s.io.

KEP of the Week

KEP 4191 - Kubelet support for image filesystem being split

This KEP proposes to make the kubelet aware of whether or not a container runtime splits the image filesystem. Typically when users deploy Kubernetes, the node and image filesystems are on the same disk. We can split the writeable layer where the container information is stored from the readable layer, where the images are stored. This can be useful since the images occupy a lot more disk space. In the current implementation, containers and images must be stored on the same disk. Garbage collection would only collect images/containers on the image filesystem. Currently if the container runtime separates the writable layers (containers) from the readable layers (images), the garbage collection doesn’t account for this separation.

This KEP has been authored by Kevin Hannon and is tracked to be in alpha stage in the upcomign v1.29 release.

Other Merges



Version Updates

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