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Week Ending November 19, 2023

Developer News

Kubernetes 1.29 Emeritus Advisor announced upcoming changes to the structure of the release team. Beginning with the 1.30 release cycle, the Bug Triage and CI Signal teams will be merged into a singular team called “Release Signal”.

The K8s Contributor Summit Europe 2024 still has open positions for interested volunteers.

The WG batch leads were updated this week.

Release Schedule

Next Deadline: Themes and Docs Complete, November 28

Hopefully, you’ve debugged all of your features and are hard at work editing documentation, because those docs need to be edited and done in a week. Then on to the release! Please keep an eye out for and respond to any test failures during code freeze, as always.

Patch releases 1.28.4, 1.27.8, 1.26.11 and 1.25.16 came out last week, including golang updates.

KEP of the Week

KEP 3466 - Kubernetes Component SLIs

This KEP proposes allowing emitting of SLI (Service Level Indicator) data in a structured manner. This is so that monitoring agents can scrape this data more frequently and create SLOs (Service Level Objects) and alerts based on these SLIs. The proposed solution for this is to add a new endpoint on Kubernetes components /metrics/slis which would return the SLI data in Prometheus format. This would help create a uniform interface by which we can consume health checking information and would allow SLIs to be created without a specialized monitoring agent.

This KEP was in alpha in the v1.26 release, and is currently tracked graduate to stable in the upcoming v1.29 release.

Other Merges

Version Updates

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