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Week Ending December 3, 2023

Developer News

Release Engineering has created a new cherry-pick-approved Prow plugin to automate approvals for back-patches.

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Release Schedule

Next Deadline: 1.29rc2 December 7th

Release 1.29 has been delayed due to a critical golang update which we needed to let soak in testing for a few days before a final release. Accordingly, the Release Team will be doing a second Release Candidate on December 7th, followed by a final release on December 13th. Since new versions of golang can break things in obscure places, we ask the community to please download and test RC2 against your own internal tests, and file issues if you see them.

December patch releases, which will include the same Go update, will be delayed by a week as well.

KEP of the Week

KEP 365: Paginated API Lists

This KEP paginates responses by the Kubernetes API so that they are broken into consistent partial responses. This would allow API consumers to retrieve results in pages and have lower memory usage. Clients can opt-in for this by specifying the maximum number of results to return in a LIST request. Pagination significantly reduces variations in peak memory usage on the API server and long tail request latency. The design for implementing it involves a continue token that will be returned by the server along with the response, if more results exist. The client can send the continue token back to the server to get the next set of results.

This is an older KEP that is graduating to stable in the upcoming v1.29 release.

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